Silver linings
Formed from mud pies made by tiny humans
Find warm hearts in the most cold blooded
A snake has feelings too

The world is fireworks
Light up sky
Everything is oohs and aahs
Rain means happy
Dance happy in puddles
Face decorated with laughter

The dirt is their friend
The sky
The sky is falling
Means we get to taste the colors of the rainbow
Silver lining
Children created them
They see sunshine when world sees black clouds
Out of the mouth of babes

Unbothered hearts
Floating in the purest oceans


Wings were once weak
Weighed down by sharpened knives
Made carvings in her wooden heart
Freedom only breathed upon her after broken
Fought back
Traded in weakness for strength
She flies.

Proverbs 31:25

Ode to the Black Man

You are everything this broken world deems dangerous
Mamas womb became a weapon of mass destruction
The moment the strings of life wove you into existence
No repentance
No real remorse has this society ever given you for shooting first and asking questions
But now I ask you

How undeniably powerful are the feet you pierce the ground with
How ridiculously  resilient is the love drum beating in your chest
How mesmerizing and commanding are the lips with which you utter each breath
That they strive so hard to keep you down

My royal black brothers, you are a hushed secret that if revealed
Can turn dirt into sunshine
A rubiks cube they can never solve
A full moon that is never empty
And they envy you

Sipping from chalices of fear in panic, they race to break every mirror on this Earth
Afraid that if you made eye contact with your reflection, you just might recognize your potential
From my snow kissed men to my men dipped in midnight

Your mind
So intellectually designed possesses keys only your soul is worthy to hold
I dare you to wake up and act like anything other than the king God built you to be

Dare you to see less than what you are in that mirror on the
Walls may erect in attempt to make you neglect your destiny but your heart can break them
If you remember who you are

Black man,
I love you more than black life itself
More than I hate that they hate you
But even more than the fact that they can never replace you

So I thank you
For no matter how many voices pray you sit down, you will always & forever stand
Don't be humble about it
Take pride in your beauty
Beautiful black man